3-12: Coming Home

“Let’s see if we can get to the Venturess and patch her up. I hate this stinking ship.”

“I’ll plot us a course,” the Bartender said, heading up to the cockpit, “You rest.” He glared at her.

“Fine,” she sighed, aware of the ache that seemed to envelop her body. “Is there anyway to lay down on this wreck?”

“Scorch, take care of her. Don’t let her try to do anything.”

She waited until he was out of sight to stick her tongue at him.


She looked at Scorch. “Oh, nothing.” She went off find somewhere moderately comfortable to lay down.

*  * *

She woke with a start, sitting bolt upright as the ship jostled. She rubbed her eyes, or tried to. She still forgot about the implant every time she woke. She stood and climbed to the cockpit, anxious as to what she’d find.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost, Captain.” the Bartender sat calmly at the controls.

“What’s going on?”

“We are docked with the Venturess. I was about to wake you.”


“Are you feeling okay?”

“Yeah… just woke suddenly, I guess. It’s been a day.”

The Bartender chuckled, a raspy noise in his throat. “That it has. Shall we go over and see what we can see?”

She nodded, leaning forward to try to catch a glimpse of her ship, anchored to the bottom of the Dead Corps ship.

Moments later, they were aboard the Venturess, poking around amidst debris and evidence of the violence aboard.

“You said it was bad, Captain, but this…” Scorch trailed off. “At least four hull breaches, plus the whole bay door.”

She nodded soberly as the Bartender came up from below. “Life support is shot. We could probably pull the central unit from the Dead Corps ship, but it’s useless until we seal the hull. Did you find what is wrong with the engines?”

“They fried the motivators. They’re welded in there now, we have to replace the whole drive lines.”

“Well, on the bright side, we know where we can salvage ship parts.”

“Or get eaten.”

“We could buy them,” Scorch chimed in.

“Do we get enough of a discount from your family to be able to afford them? We have most of the Fuesllia job payment left, but that’s about it.”

“Not if we come back without delivering Miiram’s package.”


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