3-10: Exit Strategy

Laurie holstered her weapons and crossed her arms as the robotic form stood before her. “And just where the hell have you been?”

“There was a great bargain for a sightseeing tour of this lovely planet, and I just couldn’t pass it up.” The lack of a true face only added to Scorch’s deadpan statement.

“I will shoot you right now,” Laurie said sternly.

Scorch chuckled from within his mechanical armor. “It seems some scrappers got wind of the price on your head, and were able to track us. They must have planted something on the Venturess, because it knocked the two of you out. I was in my armor, so it didn’t affect me. But the ship was boarded before I could do anything, so I shut down all my systems, and they just dumped me here.”

“Did you see who it was?”

“It was no one I was familiar with. The name of the ship was the Royal Sun, though. I was able to spot that.”

“Doesn’t ring any bells for me. Bartender?”

He shook his head. “Never heard of it.”

“Well, it’s not as if there is a shortage of pirates and bounty hunters out there. Let’s get off this rock and see what we can do.”

They reached the Dead Corps ship, barely standing out as functional from the numerous heaps surrounding it.

“You came here in that?” Scorch was incredulous.

“We didn’t have much choice in the matter. Speaking of, did you happen to keep hold of Miiram’s package?”

He tapped one of the nearly-seamless panels on his chassis. “I thought that was what they were after in the first place. They never even looked for it, though. They just grabbed what looked valuable and left.”

“They don’t sound like a very professional outfit.”

“Probably just looking for a quick score,” the Bartender opined. “That’s why they probably turned you into the Dead Corps. Most people want to avoid them.”

“That would make sense.” She stared up at the Dead Corps ship. “I do not want to fly in this thing again.”

“We might be able to get one of these other ships running again,” Scorch offered. “Some of them don’t look so bad.”

“I want my damn ship back.”


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