1-7. Fuesillian Standoff

A stiff breeze blew across the platform, making the only sound as the tense figures stood in silence. Laurie’s eyes were cold, staring down the worn barrels of her pistols, sparing the occasional glance for the others around her. The bartender kept shifting his gaze to the Fuesillian agent, who in turn, stood coldly with his weapon trained on the bartender.

The assassin appeared unconcerned, his gleaming gun held in a sinisterly casual fashion. His thin mouth was twisted in a cruel smile, and Laurie was sick of it.

The screech of the laserblast split the cool air, charge burning a hold into the forehead of the assassin. He crumpled, lanky limbs askew on the cold steel. A host of shots rang out from the agent, and Laurie turned to return fire. A blast caught Chip in his abdomen, and he fell, clutching his gut. Between fire from Laurie, Scorch and the bartender, the agent fell, and the platform fell silent again.

Laurie rushed to Chip. He was curled on the platform, hands over the hole in his stomach. “Stay with me, boy,” she urged him.

“Sorry, Cap,” he said, tone low with pain, “I don’t think I’m coming with you.”

“Don’t give me that. You’ll be fine,” she lied, kneeling next to him.

He tried to say something else, but instead could only manage a feeble cough. His blue eyes looked up at her, taking all his effort to do so, pleading hopelessly. It hurt where her left eye should be, tear ducts that were no longer there were trying to work. Tears flowed freely from her right eye as she cradled his head and tried to find more lies to comfort him.

His lungs filled with liquid, and she could feel the rattle through where her hand held his head. He gasped one last time, and he was gone.

Laurie lingered, kneeling over Chip for a long moment. The bartender tentatively approached.

“You should be going. No doubt the agent had called for backups, and they will be here soon.”

Laurie nodded, wiping the tears from her good eye. “Scorch, get him on board.” Scorch didn’t move for a moment, and made an odd noise when he did. “You alright?” she asked.

“Yes, Captain. Just some damage from the fight. It can be repaired.” The large construct crossed and picked up Chip’s body, carrying him up the ramp.

“Sorry I didn’t listen to you earlier,” Laurie said to the bartender when they reached the Venturess.

“Understandable. I was trying not to alert him at the same time. I am sorry about your friend.”

“Thank you. He was just a kid, you know?” She paused. “Hell, two dead kids on this job. What a waste.”

“They were casualties in a war. The rest of the universe doesn’t much care, but we are constantly oppressed by our own government. Their sacrifices will be remembered.”

“That’s some comfort, I suppose.”

The Fuesillian looked uncomfortable, casting his large black eyes downward. “I hate to ask, but…”

“What is it?”

“Well, if I stay here, I am a dead man. Would it be possible to have transport to another world? I will find a way to pay you for your troubles.”

“Come aboard. No charge.”

He followed Laurie up the ramp and into the cargo bay of the ship. Laurie continued up, taking a seat in the pilots chair where Chip usually sat. They reached orbit without incident, and she laid in a course that would take them near the sun.

A few moments later, she stood near the aft airlock, Chip’s body having been placed inside. The sun filled the small window.

“I suppose I should say a few words,” she said, feeling lost as to what those words should be. “He was a good friend, and good pilot. He always wanted to be among the stars, so I hope he’s happy here.” She suddenly realized she was speaking to someone who didn’t know him, and a robot. She sighed. “Happy sailing, Chip.”

She pushed the button and the airlock opened, the body bag sucked out into space. She closed the door and returned to the cockpit.

“Where will you go?” The bartender had followed her up.

“Good question. Where should we drop you?”

“Well, Captain, it occurs to me that we have a common enemy.”


“The one who hired you- he wanted Yoss dead, and he set you up to take the fall for it, or die in the process.”

“Captain?” Scorch stood at the door to the cockpit.

“Yeah, Scorch?”

“I have sustained some damage in the recent fighting. If it pleases you,may I suggest a world where I can obtain parts?”

“We do have some money to spend, and this baby-” she tapped the console of the Venturess– “could use a few things. Maciia is nearby, and is a good trading spot. Or…” she tapped a finger to her chin “or we could go after Knoff.”

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