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1-3. Fuesilla

“We’re going to give this package to Yoss, and that’s it. We’ll be out of business in a second if we give up every time we get shot at.”

“You’re the boss,” said Chip, even if he hardly appeared enthusiastic about it.

Laurie retrieved the case from inside the Venutress and walked to the bridge leading to the tower. Scorch and Chip fell in with her, and they entered the lift that would take them down to the city.

Fuesilla was an ancient world, inhabited for tens of thousands of years before humanity had even been conceived. The Fuesillian Empire had ruled the better part of the galaxy for some period of time, but evidence of its greatness was still obvious in the ancient architecture and the melting pot that was the capital city. Alien culture had been so well integrated into Fuesillian society, that offworlders and aliens were regarded as equals to the natives.

Like all large civilizations, there was a significant underworld that went unregulated. It was this underworld which the crew of the Venturess stepped into. Around them rose ancient buildings, carved from the white stone common to the planet. Layers of additions and updates crowded the streets, and modern glowing lights and billboards stood in stark contract to the stately old buildings.

They made their way to Ang’s Place, through a large arched doorway. Inside, trendy music pulsed and lights flashed. A stairwell in the back lead them above the commotion of the club. At the top was a hallway, with Yoss’ office at the end. Laurie knocked on it, and as soon as she did, it swung slowly open.

“That’s not right,” said Chip in a low tone from behind her.

“Shush,” Laurie said and pressed herself against the wall, using on hand to gently push the door open the rest of the way. The scene inside was in accord with Chip’s appraisal. Yoss was clearly dead, his body on the floor in the middle of the room and riddled with holes.

Laurie eased into the room, illuminated only from the large window overlooking the club below. She looked around in the flickering light. The carnage was obviously recent, with several bodies besides Yoss strewn about the floor. As she crouched next to Yoss, a shot screamed past her head from the back of the office. She heard Chip swear as she dove for cover by the desk.

“I told you we should have gone back,” he said as he crouched behind a chair.

“I’m starting to agree with you,” she replied, craning her neck to try to see around the desk without exposing herself.

“You out there,” she shouted. “We’re not with Yoss! You can stop shooting at us!” Another laser buried itself in the desk. “Or… not,” Laurie said under her breath.

“What’s next, Cap?” Chip asked from his hiding spot.

“Do you have a shot?”



“Next time they come out I can take a shot, perhaps.”

That’s reassuring. I’d rather talk them down then be bait.”

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